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i am Mechanical Engineer Bussiness Developer Reseaecher WISP Expert


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Mohamma Kamal Habbaba

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2002 - Undergrad Mech.Eng Student

D&M Solutions / G-Networks

The very first venture, the idea was simple graphic and web design, the idea failed when when we could not find broadband in Northern Cyprus 🙂 to deliver our designs and publish our work. Today when i think of that days it comes quite annoying that we seeked to establish our own broadband radio link instead of sending the design files on cd by regular mail (yes we had only one post office that works fast in their terms), any how this lead us to establish G-NET for wireless broadband. Those were tough years Mr. Enis Erosal and his brother Mr. Emre Erosal are the true heros as they have empowered us by their knowledge and expertise which eventually this lead to establishing the second Wireless internet network in the city of famagusta.



The best friend and biz partner is back from UK Mr.Dogus Yalman, the man whom we started the journey with at 2002 is now available, and now i can get back to graphic design so i got a job in FREE Birds Publishing, the absolute no 1 publisher in northern Cyprus. here i was aiming to catch up the market in terms of knowledge and Mr. Can Ercakica opened the door, here the learning processes started 2007 and ended in 2008. Where i established the Thech-Box magazine, after 2 issues in 2 quarters, the magazine was acquired by a british entrepreneur and ceased for reasons that i don't know.It was a true quantitative gathering of knowledge and experiance interms of marketing and public releations. By the way i was graduated of mechanical engineering in 2006 and applied for Msc. in public relations and marketing 🙂 the application rejected and had to do Msc, in mechanical engineering in order to postpone the compulsory military duty.


Confidential - Back To Wireless

Year 2009 started tough ended tough, i received a great offer from Mr. Mustafa Atatuzun CEO. of Semra LTD. in Cyprus. one of his joint ventures was a Wireless ISP in North Cyprus, actually it was the first one in the island and we were the second as G-NETWORKS. The request was simple a rescue plan for his ISP before it diminishes as his partner was facing health issues for the last 2 years and no one was taking care of it. By da way G-NET is still alive like champ, and thanks for his no limit trust. His ISP grew 4 folds interims of base stations and 2 folds interim of clients and from -xx to PLUS xxx in revenues closed the year by 38% profit. that all happened in a matter of 9 months, where the billing system was rewritten the call center re established, marketing campaigns flooded the city's neighborhood's one by one. The last achievement was establishing a franchising brand and marketing it to entrepreneurs located at the villages, which resulted in lowering maintenance and technical support costs adding a quality service that is warm as a village style.


KURVALF - Flying To Bursa

No more credits to postpone the military duty, but only one option to leave the island for 4 years and work abroad so i can pay money instead of active duty.Here i called a friend Mr. Ismail Kurumahmut asked him if he have a job around him in Bursa at the very end he knows very well how i work on projects. in no time recalled and i flew to meet his cousin Mr. Samet Kurumahmut, then the story of Valve Design Starts, I have designs Plug valves for Kurvalf LTD. Passed trough API 6D certifications and did the engineering calculations of the products with Mr. Abdurrahim Oztas. it was an amazing one and a half year full action. Beside getting your hands on dirt in casting the metal, designing its molds, designing the valve itself and seeing it actually running in station was the real joy. I have designed 40 version of this metal to metal sealing valve from sizes of 2" upto 10" in pressure classes 150-300-600. But what i was not expecting was getting in the casting field here i am grateful to metallurgist Eng.MR. Murat Nail Surmeli a best friend and great mentor in his field. A true expert.


VITALNET - Back To Wireless Internet

In Mid 2010's i meet Mr. Emre from online bilisim, after a chit chat we found ourself deploying a test network For Mr. Sinan Sunaner, owner of vital data-center and all of a sudden in mind 2012 Vital received investment for its small Wireless ISP. From here the story started to establish the first ever city wide WISP in turkey that is professionally operated. City of Bursa was completely covered in 8 months time with 20 macro base station's and 40 micro base stations, in 9 month's we were able to reach the BEP, with a constant growth rate afterwards. VITAL NET is still the best WISP in Turkey and the recipe for success, is laying in its marketing strategy which was tailored to its technical capabilities, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. This project was a very satisfying experience in terms of finding a marketing strategy for a lower end broadband solution where the market is saturated with higher end solutions. 😉


Furniture - MARTAT AS.

One of my clients in vital technologies called me for support, when i told him that i finished the project and no more there, instantly he offered me a business development job in his bathroom vanity production facility. Any how the job was more of business analyst mixed with ceo coaching and IT. It was challenging in terms of convincing the big change, the objectives were as follows; 1) Make an ERP system active that was purchased without consultancy. 2) There is no written manufacturing process then write it and there is no capacity datas. 3) There is no IT dept. Should be established. 4) Redesign the plants layout and create a warehouse. 5) Create the quality assurance system and get the certs. 6) Train a former employee for management of the warehouse including teaching him ABC studies FIFO, delivery planning etc. 7) Employ an engineer for production planning and train. 8) Teach forecasting methods for each individual dept. 9) Establish the R&D dept. Starting From the IT dept, we deployed a mirrored fail over server system and storages then installed the erp, Redesigned the Local area network and a wireless network that covered every single machine and employees. Then we were ready to start the transformation from papers to the ERP system. The program was netsis and the integrating friend Mr. Yenal Kacak did wonders for us every time we liked to stay within budget. The project ended by march 2017, where the production facility relocated to 10.000m2 (from 4000 m2) warehouse, with an team that can calculate minimum required stocks and production scheduling and an impressively well documented quality management system that covers every aspect of the firm, from production to employee wellness. The final touch was establishing an online B2B system for resellers and assured 98% participation by resellers here the thanks goes to marketing departments manager Mr. Serafettin Caliskan.



Martat AS.

Vital NET

Nethouse Networks

OPI – Overseas Pharma Ind.


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